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Appliance Control
With our lifestyles getting busier day in and day out - it is everyone's dream to be able to control the electrical appliances at home remotely and complete task fast and with ease. Welcome you to a stress-less/stress free life with our Appliance control feature. We fulfill your dream!

Using our appliance control feature, get the freedom to control remotely any appliance in your home. Switch on your AC remotely to walk into a pre-cooled home/atmosphere. Discover easy living with our smart and convenient appliance control system.

It is unsafe to leave critical electrical appliances like geysers, microwave ovens etc. unattended. With the help of eDomotics remote access features, you can control the electrical appliances from anywhere in the world. Safety of your home is our primary concern.
A major criterion in today's world, energy savings is an aspect one cannot over look. Appliances consume energy even in sleep mode, i.e. appliances like TV and ACs consume electricity even if you have turned it off using a remote. For zero consumption the electrical supply needs to be cut off completely. Many a time one forgets to do this while going out. We can create a customized 'away from home' scene which will enable you to switch off all the critical appliances with the touch of a single button. For more information refer Features -> Scene Control

eDomotics appliance control system provides you complete remote access to your electrical appliances, helps you save on power costs, and keep your home safe.