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Scene Control
Scenario means controlling more than 1 device at the same time. There are many types of scenarios but the feature really depends on the user. We design scenes based on user´┐Żs requirement, by doing this with one touch of a button we can perform a set of operation. An example scene is explained below:

Leaving the Property Scene

Pressing one button "AWAY" on the touch screen located next to the main entrance will do the following:

  1. Activating the alarm system in AWAY mode
  2. Set the system to AWAY mode (so it functions by itself)
  3. Turn off all the lights in the house
  4. Close all the blinds at the lower floors
  5. Open the garage doors
  6. Turn off all air conditions and heaters in the house
  7. Turn off all audio and video devices all over the house
  8. Shut off ovens and irons to ensure safety
  9. Activating the automatic "Random Lights" at night time
In case the last person leaving the property forgot to activate the Away scene, you can do it from your smart phone or a laptop.

The system works in 2 way communication mode, i.e. you can know at any time the status of the house on-line.