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Timer Control
Taking a step ahead in automation is performing activities even without the touch of a button! There are mundane tasks that you do every day and you do not want to spend your precious time of effort in doing them. Yes, we have a solution for that. These tasks may be switching on the lights in the evening or switching them off at night.

Each device connected to our system (such as lights, motors, appliances, etc) can be turned on and off by using timers. Each timer can be activated based on the conditions selected by you:

  • You can choose the day in which the timer will be activated. For example, the garden lights can go on automatically at 17:00 during weekdays and at 18:00 during weekends.
  • You can choose out of 4 system modes when the timer is activated. For example, the water heater timer will be disabled automatically if the house is in vacation mode. Another example, garden lights will go on at the user preset time only if there is someone in the house (Home Mode) but will be disabled in Vacation mode, Away mode and Night Mode.
  • Similar to controlling a single device, user can also activate a Scenario at a certain time at certain conditions / modes.
Timer control not only saves your precious time and effort but considerable reduces your electricity bill. So enjoy the magic of automation with eDomotics Timer control feature.