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Conference Room Automation
To make a conference room ready for a presentation, it usually takes about 15-20 minutes. The typical tasks include rolling down the projector screen, dimming the lights, switching on the projector, rolling the window blinds etc. It usually requires a person from the helpdesk to be present during this set up process. With our conference room automation solution you can do all the above-mentioned tasks with the touch of a single button.
Lighting Control
Control the intensity of the lights from a touch screen
Projector Control
Switch on and off projector without worrying about the remote and its functioning. Even pull down the projector only when needed, otherwise hidden in the ceiling.
Air-Condition Control
Preset a suitable temperate and operate the AC from our wireless control panel.
Curtains & Blinds Control
Close or open all the curtains at the same time with the tough of a button.
Scene Control
Operate lights, projector and blinds with pre-configured 'Presentation Start' and 'Presentation End' scenes.
Simple System Design
eDomotics automation system is designed in a simple and robust manner. It can also be installed in already constructed conference with minimal infrastructure changes.
Simple Wiring & Installation
Wiring layout and installation is similar to conventional electricity
Touch Panels
Choose from a range of touch panels – wireless, desk mount, wall mount – to suit your conference room. User interface easy to use with pre-set scenes like 'Presentation Start' and 'Presentation End'.