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Residential Complex Automation
Residential Complex can be one building, cluster of buildings or a gated community with club-house and gym, eDomotics offers solutions for all. Make your Residential Complex more appealing to customers by providing state of the art home automation system. Residential Complex automation is not the same as setting up a detached home automation system in each apartment; it is about integrating all these systems to utilize automation system to the maximum.
Centralized Control
Centralized control centre or command station to connect to the entire automation system and monitor the working and status of individual system.
Value Added Services
Seamless integration with in-house Supermarket, SPA, Gym, Hair dresser, Laundry Services etc. to provide value-add services to residents of the residential complex.
Security Command Center
Connect the whole range of security equipment like IP cameras, CCTV, alarms etc. with our security command center for a centralized control.
Timer Control
To manage the common area lights in your apartment complex from a centralized location.
Sprinkler Control
Cut down on your man-power expenditure to maintain your lawns, gardens, plants across the apartment complex with our sprinkler system. Timer based control will make sure that you will never forget to water your lawns.
Simple System Design
eDomotics automation system is designed in a simple and robust manner. It can also be installed in already constructed residential complexes with minimal infrastructure changes.