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Villa And Apartment Automation
Villas in gated communities and apartments in high rise complexes are synonymous to busy lifestyles. eDomotics brings to you a home automation system for a hassle free and convenient life. Just like the 'work from home' feature we have a 'manage from office' feature, which helps you do all the operations in your home from your office.


Control Lights, Air Conditioners, Audio Video devices, Close Circuit TV, Alarm system, etc from anywhere on just click of a button.
Control and monitor the home over an easy to use touch screen with interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface).
The house will respond according to your mood and scene just by the click of a button. For ex: When you press the dinner scene. You dining area curtain closes and All except the dining area lights will be dimmed for just that perfect candle light ambience. All This grouping can be changed within minutes at any time.
All modules can have optional local control. This can be achieved without changing your existing wall switches. We also have a range of electronic crystal wall switches.
Any module or scene in the system can be activated or turned off by weekly timer with predefined conditions.
Ensure unused electric loads always turned off when you are away from home, or during the night time.
Security system works seamless with our system and work in a 2-way communication mode to system to give you real-time status of the security system.
CCTV cameras can be viewed, monitored and recorded from our touch screens.


eDomotics automation system is designed in a simple and robust manner. It can also be installed in already constructed houses with minimal infrastructure changes.
Wiring layout and installation is similar to conventional electricity.
User interface is very friendly and can be setup in any language.
Control and monitor the system from remote location in where in the world from your laptop or desktop.
Control and monitor the system from remote location via iPhone (or any other smart phone).
In the unusual event of system break down, all modules continue working manually.