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What do you do when you want to relax at home? Turn down the lights and play some soft music. Why? Because soft lights and music have a way of relaxing you even we're really stressed out after a rough day at work. The right lighting and music can set the tone for a quiet dinner conversation or can be the boost a house party needs for the shenanigans to begin.

A home automation system can help you achieve the right look, the right mood and the right ambience. You can get to cloud ten (because cloud nine is passé) much faster by installing a lighting system that's automated and integrated with the other systems at home. There's no better way to show off at your own party than by having customized and automated lighting solution

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Office lighting can be more than merely functional. Lighting in offices and industrial spaces has a demonstrable effect on your employees' well-being and productivity. Well-lit and well-designed environments enhance your brand's image, help you retain high-value employees, and increase the perceived value of your office.

With automated controls, eDomotics lighting systems can target lighting for different applications in different zones or areas. Task lighting, general illumination, lighting in conference rooms, meeting areas and corridors all require different levels of light and brightness. Scene setting and timeline-based dimming schedules give you a flexible way of ensuring there is optimal lighting in every case.

Integration with presence detection systems, motion and occupancy sensors, day light harvesting and shading controls, and other intelligent systems allow businesses to maximize energy efficiency

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Stylish design and superior lighting can create memorable experiences for your guests; they can enhance the taste of the food you serve, increase the perceived value of the things you sell and make ambient music sound more "ambient".

Connected lighting systems from eDomotics add a whole new level of style to your interior retail and hospitality spaces.

You can tailor lighting to create welcoming and memorable experiences while achieving energy efficiency goals that help you save costs and be a more responsible brand.

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